Czech Republic

4 Hours in Prague


One of the best parts of my job is getting to travel all around the world! My latest work travel took me to Europe for a week: bouncing around from Czech Republic, to the Netherlands, then ending in France!

Due to some bad weather and cancelled flights, my weekend in the Czech Republic was cut a bit short. With only a few hours to explore Prague, my coworkers and I knew we had to make the most of our time!

Some of the highlights from my 4 hours in Prague included:

Roaming the streets

Prague has some of the most intricate and beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen.

There wasn’t a moment in this city where we weren’t looking up and appreciating each buildings’ color, style, and uniqueness. Definitely different from Phoenix!

Eating a Trdelnik

Don’t ask me to pronounce it, but this dessert was amazing! Dough, wrapped around a cylinder, rolled in cinnamon sugar, baked over a flame, then filled with ice cream… be sure to grab a Trdelnik from any street vendor as you’re exploring the city!

Walking across the Charles Bridge

Constructed around the 15th century, the Charles Bridge is a historic bridge crossing the Vltava river.

It was originally a key trade route for Eastern and Western Europe, and was the only means to cross the river between the Prague Castle and the Old Town adjacent areas.

The intricate design and 30 statues lining the Charles Bridge make it a must-see for any trip to Prague!

Visiting Old Town Square

While very touristy, the Old Town Square is not to be missed. The square features the Prague Orloj, the oldest astronomical clock in the world still in operation! Unfortunately, the clock is undergoing some renovations now.

Besides admiring the clock, exploring the neighboring memorials, and watching street performers, Old Town Square is also great for:

Taking a coffee break

We stopped at a local restaurant along the town square to enjoy people-watching with a side of coffee!

Exploring the Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, dating back to the 9th century! It occupies nearly 750,000 square feet, and is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

The castle complex included churches, palaces, halls, towers, and gardens. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Prague, attracting over 1.8 million people per year!

Seeing the entire city

As we scaled the incline up to the Prague Castle, we saw some pretty incredible views of the entire city!

Climbing Petrin Hill

Another great spot to see Prague from above!

Although quite the workout (I’d probably take the railway to the top next time…), climbing to the top of Petrin Hill led to a mini Eiffel Tower and a beautiful rose garden

With 10-miles walked and countless sights taken in, I’d still count our short time in Prague as a success. Just having a taste of the city already has me thinking about my next trip there (hopefully with Luke by my side next time!)

Have you been to Prague before? Any recommendations for future trips?

Happy Travels!


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