About Me


For nearly 20 years, I called Florida home. I grew up 2 hours away from Cape Canaveral, and one 5th grade field trip to the Kennedy Space Center was enough to shape the rest of my life.

Fast forward a decade: I graduated college with dual degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. My career took me to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, where I’ve resided for over a year.

If a full time engineering career isn’t enough to keep me busy, I caught the travel bug from my boyfriend, Luke. We’ve spent the last year hiking, exploring, road-tripping, and falling in love with Arizona and each other.

While it may be obvious from my job choice, I have a strong passion to create. Whether it be DIY projects, art, photography, fashion, or beauty, I’m constantly looking for my next creative outlet.

Just like an artist’s palette, Laura’s Palette is the tool I’ll use to paint you a picture of my life. Welcome!