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Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival


I’ve been on a wildflower kick this year! Earlier in 2017, Luke and I ventured to Peridot, Anza-Borrego, and Joshua Tree to check out the spring blooms.

This past July, we traveled to Cedar Breaks National Monument to catch their annual Wildflower Festival!

Hosted every year in mid-July, the Wildflower Festival shows Cedar Breaks in its peak. Flowers of rainbow colors bloom along the hiking trails, overlooks, and roads all over the park.

Cedar Breaks offers ranger-guided tours, printed guides to the park’s wildflowers, and even a flower checklist to spot all the blooms.

Check out all our favorites spots below to catch the best summer wildflowers (or just awesome views!)

Visitor Center, Point Supreme

The Visitor Center is the best place to start at Cedar Breaks. During the annual Wildflower Festival, rangers gather at the park entrance to hand out park info and lead tours! I picked up the cutest magnet at their gift shop before heading out into the park.

Just next to the Visitor Center is Point Supreme.

As the most accessible, yet one of the best views in the park, you can’t miss this overlook!

I could hear other visitors repeatedly saying how Cedar Breaks looks strikingly similar to Bryce National Park!

Sunset/Campground Trail

Starting at the Visitor Center, Campground Trail is a 1-mile, roundtrip paved walk along the amphitheater. Breaks in the trees provided incredible views of the park’s famous rock formations!

Campground Trail was also a great hike for wildflower hunters.

I got to check off a majority of the wildflower board, barely getting a mile from the parking lot!

After getting halfway through the trail, you’ll hit an extension in the hike: Sunset Trail! This fork in the path is 2-miles roundtrip, taking you down a trail through picnic and camping grounds.

If you follow the trail to the end, you’ll eventually hit the Sunset Overlook!

Alpine Pond Nature Trail

Our first trip to Cedar Breaks was actually over a year ago. During the trip, we came across a picture of Alpine Pond Trail in peak wildflower season, and realized we missed the season by a couple months! In awe of the bright colors and beauty, we knew a trip back was inevitable!

Alpine Pond is a two-mile, double loop trail through the forest, across meadows, and along a spring-fed pond.

Breaks in the forested area still let you glimpse at the impressive, orange amphitheater surrounding the monument.

Spectra Point/Ramparts Overlook Trail

Ramparts Overlook Trail is four-miles roundtrip, with Spectra Point Overlook at the halfway point! The hiking trail is a mix of steep inclines and gentle downslopes.

The cutest, yellow-bellied marmot even offered to be our tour guide along the way!

Luke and I have only ever reached Spectra Point, but we never felt like we missed out. The expansive view at this overlook is unbelievable!

We had the entire hiking trail to ourselves… probably because a massive storm was rolling through…

Although one of the tougher hikes in Cedar Breaks National Monument, Spectra Point is one of the most rewarding!

To top off all the hiking and wildflower hunting at this national monument, we even got the chance to see some other adorable animals (yes, that’s a humongous herd of sheep!)

Of all the national parks, historic lands, and monuments we’ve been to, Cedar Breaks is definitely the most underrated.

With dramatic rocky views, colorful wildflowers, and an array of hiking trails and overlooks: move Cedar Breaks to the top of your “must see” list!

As always, happy travels!





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