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Seven Things about the Seven Magic Mountains


If you’ve been on Instagram in the past year, you’ve probably seen these rainbow-colored, stone stacks before! Called the Seven Magic Mountains, this art piece is a favorite stop for some cool photography.

Before you head out to Nevada for this perfect photo op, here are 7 Things You Need to Know before Visiting the Seven Magic Mountains.

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DIY Natural Easter Egg Dye


At the start of 2017, I vowed to make more green choices. I’ve tried to be eco-friendly: recycling, reducing my waste, and putting more natural ingredients into the environment and my body!

During a recent trip to Monument Valley, I picked up an art piece that spurred my next green project, titled “Navajo Dye Chart”.

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Travel / Utah

Driving to Dead Horse Point State Park


Don’t worry: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

This year, Luke technically doesn’t have a birthday! Born on leap day, he only gets to truly celebrate his birthdate once every four years. Luckily, we turn the last part of February into a week of festivities to make up for it.

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