Illinois / Travel

Wandering the Windy City


Almost every year since I was 3, my family and I have traveled to Illinois to visit our relatives. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins: all spread in various Chicago suburbs. While we cherish time with our loved ones, it felt like we never really saw the city in all its crowded, touristy glory.

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California / Travel

Guide to Joshua Tree National Park


Back on the road again! Luke and I have slowly been conquering all the national parks within our reach. Only 3 hours west of Phoenix, a certain Flintstones-esque park has been on our list… Destination: Joshua Tree National Park!

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Oregon / Travel

Top 15 Things To Do in Portland


While the majority of our travels are road trips, Luke and I were looking to do something special to celebrate 1 year of dating! With a mix of hiking, beaches, and city life, we knew just the place for our next getaway. Destination: Portland, Oregon!

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